Its now officially handover time

My 'Year-of-the-Kilt' is now up , but not all good things must come to an end!

I would like you all to welcome TJ to Kilt-Up 4 Cancer, and believe he will be a fantastic individual to steer the campaign into newer waters.

TJ is about to start his 'Year-of-the-Kilt', and I will be taking a bit of a back seat. I will still be helping with events, and posting to the page; I will be helping TJ in his command of the campaign, and I will be attending many of the events; in fact, I will probably continue to wear kilts most of the time, but TJ will hopefully have a lot of new ideas and plans for the campaign which will lead it into new and exciting territory!

Please continue to support TJ and the campaign, and we also rely upon your support to re-post and popularise the campaign.
TJ will, I am sure, tell you more about himself in due course, but he is a remarkable individual with drive and vision as well as a passion for his Celtic ancestry, and I cannot imagine a more suitable individual for the lead position.

TJ Hatch is going to carry the kilt up for another year!!! TJ has been supporting and helping out with the campaign pretty much from the start - in fact, he was indicative of his desire to support the campaign from the launch. Here he is at the fashion show held last year.

Handover Event Please check Here

T J Hatch

Please bear with us as we change things around for T.J






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